Saturday, 5 November 2011

Yorkshire Spa

The Joy of Food is coming to an end.. it doesn't seem like yesterday since it opened - time has flown by. We've had a great response to the show - so many thanks to all the makers, and to Isa and Sarah for taking part. Next show opens in a couple of weeks - we've just finishing proofing the invitiations which will be sent out soon.

We reached new heights in decadance ; I have recently built an outdoor hot tub with views out across the fields:

A new lease of life for an old cast iron bath that has been sitting behind one of the barns. Needs a bit of trial and error though - if the fire gets a bit too lively it's a case of jumping out before scorching one's tender bits!

More good news - Debbie has been celebrating a succesful affordable art fair over the last few days... great to be taking her work out to a wider audience...

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  1. Heh, excellent! My mum had one of these when we lived on a farm, and she built a wooden mat you place in the bottom of the bath which elevates you off the bath-proper. SO GOOD :)


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